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Finance and funding

ISC issues statement on VAT on school fees

22nd October 2018

Following the news that chancellor Philip Hammond is reportedly considering imposing the 20% levy on fees in a bid to raise an extra £1.5bn to fund the NHS, Julie Robinson, ISC general secretary, responds Julie Robinson, ISC general secretary, [FIND OUT MORE]

educational technology

How important is technology in education?

22nd October 2018

Sir Anthony Seldon of the University of Buckingham claims that, within the next 10 years, artificial intelligence (AI) will cause a shift in how we teach students. Here we look at the importance of technology [FIND OUT MORE]

promotion leadership

Conducting an effective interview

18th October 2018

According to a study from Affinity Workforce, the ongoing skills shortages in the education sector continues to damage school performance and is only set to worsen over the next three years. Therefore, it’s more important [FIND OUT MORE]