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Demystifying the work-life balance

9th March 2018
CREDIT: This story was first seen in Lifehack and is written by Leon Ho, founder and CEO of Lifehack Kate is a hard-working manager working at a startup company. She toils at work but gets that nagging feeling [FIND OUT MORE]

Showcasing a digital transformation

7th March 2018
After their local authority was approached by a leading tech firm Carlton Primary, London, agreed to partner with the company on a digital classroom project that has since led to the school changing the course [FIND OUT MORE]

Positioning yourself for success

5th March 2018
Facing a diverse and continually developing range of responsibilities – from finance and recruitment to leadership development and ICT – how can you ensure that their sights are set firmly on their objectives and best position themselves [FIND OUT MORE]

Independent thinking in a climate of change

2nd March 2018
New inspection frameworks, an uncertain political landscape and social mobility are just some of the issues the independent school sector is faced with at present. The independent schools council (ISC) represents over 1,200 private schools [FIND OUT MORE]