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Striking the gender balance in schools

6th November 2017

The single sex or co-education debate is as fiery as ever. With so much at stake, Marie Cahalane looks at the reasons for transitioning to co-ed and the considerations that must not be overlooked It’s [FIND OUT MORE]

Putting children at the heart of scholarships

3rd November 2017
Scholarships are a prized asset of private schools and are traditionally seen as an extra financial resource for parents. Tony Leggett, bursar at St. Joseph’s College, Reading, explains why his school has changed its scholarship [FIND OUT MORE]

Improving inspection frameworks in schools

1st November 2017
Significant changes to private school inspection processes have been introduced by the Department for Education (DfE). Christine Ryan, CEO of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), looks at the key details of the new inspection framework [FIND OUT MORE]

Embracing and fostering diversity in schools

30th October 2017
“Multi-cultural schools offer one of the best chances to stop ignorance from breeding hate,” says Mr Warren Honey, headmaster at Hydesville Tower School, Walsall. Here he shares his thoughts Sometimes, a series of stories in [FIND OUT MORE]