HMC announces new executive director

The HMC has announced a new executive director to replace Chris King

Mike Buchanan, head of Ashford School and chair of HMC 2016-17, has been announced as the HMC’s new executive director, replacing Chris King.

Chris King, who is also head of Leicester Grammar School, said: “Mike’s abilities and the depth and breadth of his experience is exceptional. We have every confidence that he will provide the continuity and understanding necessary to lead HMC in providing ffirst-classsupport to members and providing real value to education for children wherever they go to school.”

Mike Buchanan has taught at several leading schools, is a school governor and a trustee of a children’s charity. He is a Registered (lead) inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

He said: “I am honoured and excited to be taking on this role. HMC is the English-speaking world’s oldest association of headteachers, and its members lead some of the most respected schools in the UK and worldwide. My aim is to enable them to flourish as a key part of a diverse and liberal education system which helps all children reach their potential.”

Current General Secretary Dr William Richardson will step down on October, 31, 2018, and Mike will take up the new role of executive director on November 1, 2018.

Chris King said: “Dr Richardson has been an outstanding general secretary. His towering intellect combined with patience and rigorous attention to detail has made him a thoughtful leader who has gained the utmost respect from those within HMC and beyond. We have much to thank him for.”

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