Scotland nursery receives high praise from Care Inspectorate

According to the ISC, St George’s Nursery has received high praise as an early years learning trailblazer

The nursery section of St George’s School for Girls in Edinburgh has received praise from the Care Inspectorate.

The early years department received a grade of ‘very good’ across all assessment areas during a recent unannounced inspection.

The inspection focused on both quality of care and support and quality of staffing – two elements which tend to go hand-in-hand.

The ‘very good’ grade reflected the high standards the school strives to adhere to.

The report also highlighted the ‘warm, kind and supportive’ nature of the staff, who ‘knew the children well’ and had strong attachments with the pupils.

The quality of early years education was also acknowledged very positively. Particular attention was paid to ‘the way in which children were motivated to learn because experiences and activities were based on their needs, interests and preferences’.

Praise was given regarding the children’s involvement with the wider community, including a local care home, encouraging them to understand empathy.

The children also enjoyed lessons taking place on a local beach, allowing them to explore and learn more about the world around them.

Alex Hems, head of St George’s School for Girls, commented:

“Providing a collaborative approach to education from our Nursery, right through to our girls leaving, is something that has always been key to the ethos of St George’s.

“We are delighted the Care Inspectorate’s report has acknowledged the excellent work done by our staff in the nursery to help our girls develop from an early age, knowing how important it is to give children the best possible start in their schooling.”

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