York Independent State Schools Partnership students learn the power of kindness

CREDIT: This story was first seen in The Press

Youngsters from across state and private schools in York came together to learn about ‘the power of kindness’, The Press reports.

The York Independent State Schools Partnership brings together pupils from ten secondary schools and each year they host talks at the University of York.

For the final talk of the year singer Ian Donaghy – a former teacher in York for 18 years – and now a leading motivational speaker in the world of dementia care and learning disabilities, to speak to students.

Ian put together a talk to ignite the interest of the young people in the room called “manKIND: the power of kindness”.

He said: “The joy of speaking to a roomful of Y7 & Y8 students is they haven’t made their minds up yet.

“They are the generation who will bring change for us when we are older.”

The talk explored that pupils are so much more than a pageful of grades and that they need to harness all their gifts and skills.

It started with Ian taking selfies with a selfie stick saying: “When I was your age people used to take photos of the people they loved the most…please say that’s not the case today or we are all in big trouble.”

He then rattled the cage with “everybody asks you what are you going to be…what are you going to do? I want to ask: “Who are you going to help?”

Ian asked everyone about what skills, talents and gifts they all had and said ‘why would you waste them all on yourself?”

He said: “Helping others is the best addiction of all.

“Everybody wins.

“Nobody loses.

“There isn’t a finite amount of happiness in the world.

“People say manufacturing industry is dead in this country but its not.

“We can all manufacture happiness and it costs nothing.”

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The talk ended with a passionate ovation & a few glassy eyes.

“What an honour it was to be asked to speak at this event. Four parents have asked me to speak for companies they work at they were that fired up.”

Organiser, Kate Vernon-Rees, said after the event: “It was a privilege to be in the room.

“It was inspirational, thought-provoking, moving & heart-warming.

“If anyone walked out if that room tonight without wanting to help their community there must be something wrong with them.”

Ian’s books ‘Dear Dementia:The Laughter and the Tears” and “The Missing Peace” are found in all libraries and are on The Alzheimer’s Society Read Well List.

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