Education washrooms: what are your options?

Choosing the most appropriate washroom facilities for your school is essential. The considerations vary depending on the age group of the pupils and a professional manufacturer will be able to advise you on the guidelines that need to be followed

The ranges at Amwell cover many different looks, grades of materials and age ranges. Below we discuss some of the requirements for washrooms in education environments and give you an opportunity to see some of Amwell’s solutions.

Fun and bright

Firstly, the age group you are looking to provide washroom facilities for will impact the colours, design and size of the cubicles you require. For nursery age and EYFS children there are fun, bright, colours and patterns to make toilet time less scary. Many children aren’t used to going to the washroom alone, so providing a fun and friendly environment is very important. The Skittles and Arches pilaster options in the ‘Playtime’ range can accommodate varying door heights for supervision and privacy requirements as well as the all-important anti-finger trap hinges and emergency release locks.

Practicality is the key

For middle/secondary school children the focus is taken away from bright patterns, to a sleeker look. Whether there is a requirement for floor to ceiling units – offering complete privacy, for example, Amwell’s Urban range –  or units with ceiling level space – to avoid antisocial behaviour and offering emergency access – Amwell have a variety of options ensuring all safety and practical requirements are met.

Often utilising hard wearing, anti-impact and waterproof materials, you can choose the colour, door height and type of locks to meet your requirements. There are finishes that can also deter graffiti and vandalism which can help maintain the integrity of the design.

Amwell’s Acorn and Splash ranges are ideal for this age group as all colours in these ranges can be coordinated to your school colours to maintain the sense of belonging and reinforce the school’s culture of family.

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Gender division

Depending on your available space, for children under the age of five the guidelines suggest one cubicle for every ten children. Mixed gender facilities are acceptable for all children below the age of eight. In similar fashion, it is recommended that toilet facilities in schools for children over the age of eight take a lockable cubicle configuration; however, provision only needs to be one cubicle for every twenty pupils.

Special school washrooms

Considerations need to be made to allow access for disabled pupils in an education environment. Doors need to open outwards into a circulation space and ideally should contain a washbasin and a lavatory.  Amwell are able to provide a variety of cubicle configurations and accessories to accommodate all needs. Just talk to us about your requirements and we will be able to advise you on the best options available.

More about Amwell

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