Private school pupils unprepared for modern British life

An across the board ‘inadequate’ Ofsted rating for a Windsor school has been challenged by its chair, The Windsor Express reports.

Wesley Richards told the Express he is confident King’s House School will be back on track by Easter when the education watchdog is due to visit again.

It was deemed inadequate by inspectors who visited in October.

The private school opened in 2012 and is run by the King’s International Church, a non-denominational Christian church.

The church was founded in 1943 by Mr Richards’ grandfather Billy and his father Wes Richards is senior pastor.

There are 48 pupils aged from three to 11, and the school follows the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum produced by Christian Education Europe.

It is one of 27 schools in England to follow the curriculum and Ofsted inspectors deemed the books used at King’s House as not covering ‘the breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding needed for success’.

But Mr Richards, who is also a Royal Borough councillor refutes the finding.

He said the curriculum was not criticised in a 2013 inspection which gave the school a ‘good’ rating.

“Before we were good with outstanding behaviour so it is a significant departure from that,” he said.

The report also states pupils are not developing a secure understanding of key scientific concepts, there are low standards in reading and writing and pupils are not learning about other religions.

It also points out that stereotypical views, including those related to gender, are not challenged and pupils are not prepared adequately for life in modern Britain.

The school has made a formal complaint to Ofsted about the report but accepts there are areas which can be improved upon.

Mr Richards said criticism the school is not promoting British values is ‘flat out wrong’, adding there is a school council and there have been assemblies about Pakistan, Morocco and Islam.

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Despite the findings, an online questionnaire carried out by Ofsted found that all parents who responded were positive about, and would recommend, the school.

Mr Richards has four sons between four and nine who go to the school and is also heading up proposals for a new co-educational free school in Windsor, which could be opened in 2020 if plans come together.

A survey is currently being carried out to see how a new school would be received.

Mr Richards stressed this school would follow the national curriculum and is a ‘completely separate project with different people involved’.