Theresa May hits out at ministers who sent their children to private schools

Credit: This story was first seen on The Telegraph

Theresa May has hit out at shadow Labour ministers who have sent their children to grammar and private schools, The Telegraph reports.

The Prime Minister launched a personal attack on Jeremy Corbyn and his senior allies, pointing out that he sent his child to a grammar school and attended one himself, while shadow home secretary Diane Abbott and shadow attorney general Baroness Chakrabarti had chosen private education for their children.

It came as Jeremy Corbyn attacked the government over cutting pupil funding while spending £320m on Mrs May’s grammar schools “vanity project”.

The Labour leader accused the government of “betraying a generation of young people.”

Addressing Mr Corbyn, Mrs May said: “His shadow home secretary sent her child to a private school, his shadow attorney general sent her child to a private school, he sent his child to a grammar school, he went to a grammar school himself. Typical Labour – take the advantage and pull up the ladder behind them.”

Mrs May was forced to defend the controversial shake-up of school funding in England after a respected economic think tank warned it would create ‘significant winners and losers’.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said the government’s proposed plan to change the way money is distributed is ‘broadly sensible’, but warned some schools could face ‘protracted cuts’ as a result of the shift from 152 different local authority formulae to a single national method of allocating funding.

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