Woodhouse Grove School wins highest award from the ISI

Credit: This story was first seen on the Ikley Gazette

An independent school which prides itself on its rejection of hot-housing has won the highest accolade in an inspector’s report, the Ikley Gazette reports.

Woodhouse Grove School, which favours a more child centric, all-round education ethos, has been awarded an excellent rating by the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate.

The recently published results of the educational quality inspection saw the school achieving excellent for both, ‘The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements’ and ‘The quality of pupils’ personal development’.

Woodhouse Grove shuns what is says is the typical independent school approach to ‘hot-house’ pupils to achieve academically above all else. It says it offers an all-round education covering sport, music, performing arts and outdoor activities, alongside entrepreneurial, technological and political opportunities.

Pupils from the school have gone on to present on Sky Sports, perform in the West End and fly in the Red Arrows as well as following more traditional routes into careers such as medicine, law, engineering and business via Oxbridge and other high calibre universities.

In its report the ISI says: “Pupils across the school are open, friendly and highly confident…They are energetic and busy, without being pressurised, because they know they are supported and encouraged by staff to ‘have a go’…Pupils throughout the school achieve highly because the school expects that they will and encourages them to be ‘the best that the can be’.”

The school’s inclusive intake policy and special educational needs teaching are highlighted in the ISI report which speaks of children achieving highly from their various starting points, and supporting their peers who have physical or learning difficulties.

Headmaster, James Lockwood said: “We are understandably very proud of the ISI Inspection results and are thrilled that Woodhouse Grove’s unique approach to education has been officially deemed ‘excellent’. It is the Grovian way to value the individual, seek out their strengths and nurture these in whatever way we can. Our students arrive at The Grove as individuals and leave as individuals.

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“We never try to shoehorn them into the typical independent school student mould. Grovians are confident but never arrogant, resilient, happy and community minded. They have that spark that makes them stand out of the crowd. I am delighted that the hard work of both staff and pupils has been acknowledged. It is, indeed, ‘Excellent’.”