Youtube stars able to go to private school after viral video

Credit: This story was first seen on the Metro

The parents of brothers Charlie and Harry, the internet sensations from their viral video a decade ago, made enough money to be able to send their four sons to private school, the Metro reports.

It’s been 10 years since two little boys were brought into the lives of millions of people across the world, with one of the highest ranking videos ever put on YouTube.

The clip shows toddler Charlie biting his older brother, Harry’s finger after he put it in the toddler’s mouth. The video which racked up a staggering 850 million views has changed the lives of the boys and their family.

Being as coy as possible about how the video had changed her family, mum Shelley told This Morning: “Day to day life hasn’t really changed. We still live in the same house, we haven’t gone on particularly nice holidays. We haven’t really bought any flash cars or anything but we have managed to send all four boys private schooling.”

The video that started off as just a normal home video shared online for family members to see, opened up so much opportunities for the family and revenue that Shelley and her husband Howard were able to expand their family with two more kids.

A viral vid might have been Charlie and Harry’s call to fame, however unlike his little brother, the 13-year-old is over it all and would rather not vlog.

However the 11-year-old on the other hand is a keen YouTuber boasting 345,000 plus subscribers.


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